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Specialist Cleaning

Cbs have extensive experience of the sensitive specialist cleaning, conservation and restoration of many types of surfaces and substrates.

We have cleaned:

  • limestone and sandstone
  • Brick
  • Marble and alabaster structures, objects and sculpture
  • Terracota and Coade Stone structures and objects
  • Wall paintings
  • Oil on canvass paintings
  • Bronze and Iron objects
  • Lime plaster
  • Timber
  • Paint removal
  • Using Jos, Vortech, Thermatech and Doff systems,  and carefully selected  chemicals and poultices. 


Old Market Hall Shrewsbury

Coade Stone, Rutland Memorial, Dublin

Coade Stone, Rutland Memorial, Dublin

Cleaning Trials using 'Thermatech', Stanbrook Abbey

Cleaning Trials using 'Thermatech' and Jos Torc, Stanbrook Abbey

Cleaning using Doff and Jos Torc systems, on completion of conservation and restoration of Coade Stone gateway, St Mary's Church, Tremadog, Gwynedd